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Roger Bryan is an investor, bestselling author, and sought after Enterprise SEO Consultant.  He has run Local Marketing Campaigns for some of the world’s largest companies, including Microsoft's© Partner Program, Goodwill Industries, MedStar Health, and over 1,000 companies of various sizes. He is best known for his work in the non-profit sector, where he's helped raise more than $150,000,000.

Books By Roger Bryan

Local SEO Secrets

"Local SEO Secrets” brings together the top thought leaders in Local SEO who share their top strategies for ranking fast and driving organic traffic, including:

Roger Bryan – Founder, Enfusen

Data driven marketing

Roger Bryan spent three years working with hundreds of businesses on their “Modern Marketing Strategies” and discovered that the most successful businesses all had one thing in common: an understanding of how to leverage data in their marketing efforts.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a marketing agency owner, a CMO, or even a college student looking for your first marketing internship, by the end of this book, you will be armed with an understanding of how data can make your life easier, and how data-driven marketing can make your campaigns more successful.

A Guide to social branding

“How To Build A Brand: A Guide to Social Branding” is the ultimate source for all you need to know about effective branding in today’s world through the power of social media. With a detailed scope that focuses on using social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for branding, this guide details how any business owner can create a brand name and establish themselves as an expert in their field using the power of the internet.

Business plan template

“Business Plan Template for a Startup Business is the ultimate and definitive guide for writing an effective business plan for any type of startup. Written in an easy to read and straight forward format, the guide clearly outlines and explains each necessary section of a business plan. Whether you’re looking for venture capital funding or simply planning out your next startup, the Business Plan Template for a Startup Business will show you step by step how to write a dynamic business plan that works.

sell my stuff

Sell My Stuff! Target Marketing 101 | The definitive guide to selling anything to anyone in 10 easy steps is a documented process that has helped the author bring numerous products, services, and business to market.

In this book you'll be given a 10 step blue print that you can use to define your product and service, outline your ideal client while gaining insight into their wants and needs, and then examine your competition to create amazing sales presentations.

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